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Being an information technology-centric organization, QSP Technologies Private Limited grabs every opportunity to work in any technology beginning with their beta version. Such is the case with the Microsoft .NET technologies. QSP Technologies has a team of 100+ skilled software developers having hands-on experience in delivering rewarding solutions on .NET based platforms. QSP Technologies Private Limited has dedicated teams, aligned to technology, processes, domains and necessary tools, called "Centre of Excellence". These teams help customers with any technology glitches and provide the best solution for every service we offer. Our .NET COE is one of our most experienced COEs which was established in 2002 and has delivered many successful software solutions in .NET Technology envisaging most of .NET tools and languages, .NET based architectures, servers and web services. Hence we have certified, expert and experienced Developer to work with our customers. Our Microsoft .Net Development team has been practising all the best practices, tools and software for .NET Technology over the years. This brings confidence to the customers for getting the most cost-effective and best quality solutions for their needs. We also provide consultancy services for the product architectures and designs.

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  • “They're [Sphinx Solution] extremely reliable. I don't have much experience with other technology providers, but I found the process very easy. They bring good people to the table.

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  • “The thing that makes them stand out is that they are very professional. You feel like you are not just working with some company, but you are working with somebody who really cares and lets you say what you feel and what you need.

Services We Offer

Supply chain management system Analysis and reporting system for Oil & Gas industry (downstream) Business Intelligence applications Online bookstore with multiple warehouse management system Travel and hotel booking sites Real estate applications Different e-commerce applications

Financial Data Sync Tool
Our client wanted us to develop a product to manage an Online Data Synchronization (data) coming from different clients. Data was sensitive as it was financial data which required the high level of security. He required Client Server application where server distributes data to all clients via email (SMTP). The client can evaluate and process data using window based application and re-send to the server via FTP.
Calligraphy Expert
The concept of Calligraphy Experts was to simplify and automate the process of accepting orders and allow users to view their printing proofs online. Our client wanted a solution to manage online printing business. This system allows users to place orders for Envelopes printed with different handwritten font styles. He wanted to provide good graphical user interactivity to enhance user's online printing and shopping experience.
Competitive Intelligence Tool
In order to get full advantage of the current business system and managing the various business operations, the client decided to develop and launch a web-based reporting tool to enhance its capability to report most up to date details about competitive intelligence gathered through market research and manual processes. The tool will empower the client to manage Market Intelligence through device agility and competitor portfolio analysis.