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Mobile App Porting Services to transform your business

Different operating systems and different device sizes have made mobile app development a complex yet interesting process. By embracing Adaptive UI or Alternate UI you will solve device size problem, but what about operating system. Our bespoke mobile app porting services cater to keep you in pace with the evolving mobile ecosystem. We do it by unveiling the same app on different devices and multiple platforms to let you explore the immense business opportunities.

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What We Do

Porting Android to iOS
iOS has a different OS specification, our mobile app developer’s port Android apps to iOS without compromising design, features and UI/UX elements. By identifying supported OS, devices, and resolution, we plan porting Android to iOS considering advanced functionalities, higher processing speed, and Human Interface Guidelines used for iOS development.
Porting iOS to Android
Porting the iOS app to Android is a different story. Our developers are well acquainted with round buttons, tabs at the bottom and other Android-specific UI/UX design elements. Starting from design variety, code porting, performance, and data sizes to security, we are app porting specialists taking efforts to provide the same user experience on the new mobile platform.
Porting Cross-Platform Apps
With increased reliability on Cross-platform mobile apps, more and more app owners are interested in porting their native mobile apps to cross-platform technology. Our developers are skilled in cross-platform porting by developing natural looking, highly efficient and ably engaging mobile apps without compromising the features, UI/UX design and device range of the apps.