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The Travel and Hospitality are the most flourishing industries in Australia. The industry is thriving not only on International tourists but also on Domestic tourists which represent almost 70% of the expenditure. To further amplify the returns these industries need to adapt solutions and software that will simplify, organize and expedite the processes in the entire industry. To develop such apt and efficient solutions Filo Technologies's years of experience as a software development company for Travel & Hospitality will be of great help. Our deep knowledge of the industry enables us to offer competent industry proven comprehensive solutions which have increased direct sales, simplified channel management, augmented the flow of tourist registered arrivals and revenue, retained customers by superior service quality and better customer services with significant cost saving. Moreover, the solutions so developed can have both forward and backward integration that will streamline the efforts. We believe in establishing long-term associations by achieving customer satisfaction.

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Services We Offer

Centralized hotel booking system Provides channel management to explore, select and segmenting major distributing channels Customer Relationship Management for managing promotional campaigns, implementation of customer loyalty program, managing satisfaction and evaluation survey and many more Offers flexible rate management for different room types, policies, extras, incentives and others

Tourism Management System
The client (Government body) - organises, enables, and supervises the tourism industry development in Qatar. They are actively involved in the development of Qatar as a leading world-class event destination as well as a quality tourism destination for leisure, business, education, and sport and thus evolve growth in the tourism industry. The client wishes to develop a centralised web-based system for State Security Bureau(SSB) and Tourism Authority. The ultimate aim of developing this system is to control country violations and find out tourism statistics.
Sales Automation Tool
The client offers services and proven innovative sales and marketing solutions that streamline and support event and group sales in the hospitality industry. With headquarters in United States, the client serves different places like Canada, Mexico, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. In Hotel industry it becomes mandatory to be aware of various events taking place in the competitive market to stay ahead of the competitors. Repetitive task of being updated on same is a time-consuming and demanding. Verification of the details also becomes equally essential where the information should not be compromised. The client wanted to develop an application which converts their field research data into information and can be sold as a service.
Online Hotel Booking
Hotel information, hotel services, room information, room availability data, standard prices are added by the supplier using feature rich admin panel. Travelers can book hotels from different providers during their travel. On successful completion of booking, the voucher is generated and mailed to the customer as well as service or product provider. Site operates as a travel agent whereby the user pays for a hotel booking along with the booking fees charged by the site.