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The mining industry has become a highly profitable global business and offers exciting growth prospects due to the boom in the commodity sector. Profitability brings along various challenges. Some of the challenges faced by the mining industry are growing production demand, elevated and fluctuating commodity prices and market-driven product pricing. The other contributing factors to these challenges are lack of quality mineral deposits, the absence of skilled workforce, diminishing margins, shortage of raw materials and escalating power, transportation and labour cost require mining companies to implement sophisticated operating models and maximize the effectiveness of their global operations. With rapidly changing back office and operations technology, Mining Companies require technologies to address more automation and integration, greater collaboration and easier access to targeted information. End customers are becoming environmentally conscious hence creating sustainable products and promoting these products and services can generate unmatched revenues. Filo Technologies's professional project management skills, combined with years of proven software development experience in natural resource industry helps in adding considerable business value to downstream as well as management level of mining companies. Our management level applications simplify, streamline and automate administration, sales, field work, asset and procurement processes. On the other hand, client achieves better data forecasting, accurate decision capabilities and optimum equipment utilisation with the help of downstream solutions. In this way, we build a strong foundation of knowledge, experience and people to help mining companies overcome industry challenges and turn them into opportunities in this competitive and evolving industry.

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  • “They're [Sphinx Solution] extremely reliable. I don't have much experience with other technology providers, but I found the process very easy. They bring good people to the table.

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  • “The thing that makes them stand out is that they are very professional. You feel like you are not just working with some company, but you are working with somebody who really cares and lets you say what you feel and what you need.

Services We Offer

Managing allocation of equipment, operators, trucks and excavator Handles massive process information and ensures data compression and security Complete quotation management including importing quotation form external data source Supports quotation approval workflow, the design of quotation document and configuration of system parameters Facilitates scheduling and re-scheduling of jobs and tracking of various job activities Timesheet management for easy tracking and comparing times devoted to different job activities

Asset Reporting Tool
The client maintains and operates billions of dollars of fixed and mobile assets, and the management of these assets has a profound impact on the performance of their organization where just 1% improvement can add tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to the bottom line.
Mining Survey
The client wanted to automate the business process from quote generation to job inspection across their and/or their customers' mining units.
Equipment Monitoring System
Client is one of the leading mining companies having the global presence. Three of its mining businesses are based in South Africa focusing on platinum, iron ore and Thermal Coal. In order to monitor the health status of different pieces of mining equipment, a web interface in a form of Equipment Monitoring System was a must for our client. They wanted a solution that performs analysis and interprets mining data obtained from different types of equipment; monitors working condition of the equipment pieces and minimizes the breakdowns.