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The global Media & Entertainment industry has been going through a digital revolution. The emergence of new technologies and mobile devices has revolutionized the way content is produced, transported, managed and distributed. There is a phenomenal change in the way content is consumed due to the availability of rich and personalized content anytime, anywhere. This eruptive growth in digital content comes along with a set of challenges, like: Need to Leverage the Evolving Content Distribution Channels Maintaining the current revenue streams, reducing costs and increasing flexibility Shorter time-to-market Upgrading heterogeneous legacy IT systems Ever increasing consumers expectations As an experienced software development company, we enable Media & Entertainment companies to mitigate the above challenges with the help of customized software solutions to upgrade to the latest technologies, deliver timely content across multiple distribution channels at lower costs, streamline the media planning process, track consumer behaviours, and generate new revenues streams.

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Services We Offer

Web-based Digital Signage System to centrally manage and display media dynamically on widely distributed LED screens network. A full-featured Community Website for the Artists with a wide range of personalization features, widgets, etc. A Web 3.0 Community Website for Travellers with a range of features like social networking, travel planning, chat application, multilingual support, etc. Online Envelop Printing solution with facilities for customization and ordering of envelope from wide range of options. Art Work designer Application that provides virtual art designing facility to customers. Because of this virtualization customers can create, customize and order art from online stores and so they don't have to go to client's shop to design the art

Calligraphy Expert
The concept of Calligraphy Experts was to simplify and automate the process of accepting orders and allow users to view their printing proofs online. Our client wanted a solution to manage online printing business. This system allows users to place orders for Envelopes printed with different handwritten font styles. He wanted to provide good graphical user interactivity to enhance user's online printing and shopping experience.
Artists' Community
Our Client based in Melbourne, Australia wanted to develop community website for art-loving people. The Artists' Community website is the catalyst for the movement. By defining the way forward for the creative design industries, it is set to become the global leader in inspirational design. The Artists' Community website targets a worldwide community of inspiring creative minds; with reach into the advertising, design, photography, film and television markets.
Digital Distribution Platform
Based in USA, client is a leading self-served Film Distribution company. Their singular focus on developing value-oriented solutions was to allow the Filmmakers to distribute their film and even sell and rent them to their customers. The distribution services support various platforms like Netflix, Google Play Store, Amazon, iTunes and much more.