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As a software development company with years of experience gained from working with educational institutes and publishers, we are well placed to help our customers in the education industry to achieve their goals and objectives. Our customers achieved benefits like online education, better student assessment facility, parents' collaboration, simplified and paperless administration with the help of e-learning information system. In addition, subject-oriented applications encouraged the student to learn while play and increased their interest and curiosity in the subject. We leverage our experience and domain expertise to provide custom software solutions to enhance workforce performance and increase student-faculty satisfaction.

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  • “They're extremely reliable. I don't have much experience with other technology providers, but I found the process very easy. They bring good people to the table.

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  • “The thing that makes them stand out is that they are very professional. You feel like you are not just working with some company, but you are working with somebody who really cares and lets you say what you feel and what you need.

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The education industry is going through drastic changes due to various factors such as emerging technology innovation, student mobility, students' hunger (technological expectation) and government regulations. The suppliers to this industry are also facing stiff pressure due to the high cost of physical textbooks vs. the low cost of interactive web-based courses and surge in use of personal devices.

e-learning Organization Portal
Client is based in UK and is a market leader in education domain for providing e-learning solutions. They collaborate with different universities for providing to adopt the e-learning solution in their academic patterns. The client wanted to provide a regional based e-Learning solution to increase the efficiency of students and to provide enhance and improvise in the education domain.
Online School Administration
The solution proved to very competitive with the market, business-proven and comprehensive business solution in the education domain. End-to-end services as it could standardize the business processes. The centralized system for better coordination of each module.
High School Digital Diary
Assisting schools to accomplish the difficult task of disseminating important information to students and their parents Ensuring secure login to students, parents and teachers for viewing their diaries and daily activities Facilitates message notification system to improve communication between users Environment friendly with reduced use of paper Easily accessible by anyone from any part of the world at any time